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Meditation offers hundreds of courses, classes, and resources at an affordable price. Their membership package also includes attendance at live events, like community meditation classes, speakers, and specialized classes. A meditation membership is an excellent gift for anyone seeking to cultivate mindfulness and expand their spiritual life.


In other cases, you will be responsible for paying for your own one year sober gift costs for returning your item. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. Sobriety and abstinence are extremely difficult to attain for people who drink and use drugs to cope. Alcoholism and substance use disorders describe someone unaware that they are drinking and or drugging to self-medicate.

Family Roles in Addiction

So, they’re a nice, subtle way to help those in recovery connect with nature and their nurturing selves. Your loved one can enjoy caring for an orchid, fern, succulent or another houseplant, depending on their preference. Bringing nature indoors also creates a soothing environment, making plants a multi-faceted sobriety gift. Every month, half-year or year of sobriety, buy another little houseplant for your loved one to fill their home with nature.

So grab a small book and fill it or a larger one to add more sober memories to later. If you express that sentiment, I think he will love to hear it. Recovery is an enormous achievement, and it comes with many challenges. Many recovering alcoholics have endured tremendous hardship, and your support is what matters to them most.

Gift Ideas to Give Your Sober Loved One

Once a person has achieved one year of sobriety from alcohol and or drugs, it is a landmark achievement. This can be done at a restaurant or park or home environment. All attendees will bring cards and gifts, and a cake with a one-year candle is a must. Presents can be sentimental, such as a keychain with the number one or a pretty box or another item with a one-year sober date engraving. Many alcoholics will be in detox, as will drug abusers.

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As anyone in recovery will tell you, sobriety is about having fun. Check out the seller page for Sober Gifts for recovery-related items. Zazzle is a website that allows you to customize gifts. You can purchase a wood-cover sobriety notebook from Etsy or consider a customized leather notebook for a more sophisticated look. As such, notebooks are standard in recovery-related spaces.


The stress and worry of keeping track of who you told what can be exhausting. The double life we lead to fulfill the desires of our addiction comes at a cost to ourselves and others. Lying is a hallmark symptom of addiction, and we become so skillful at it that we often don’t see we’re lying to ourselves. This means that we are providing you with the best possible care and are compliant with the health and safety standards outlined by the Joint Commission. These are great ways to cheer dads for their progress.

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If so, take your time planning the perfect day with an itinerary your friend or family member will love. If you’re doing your recovery right, one day at a time, then this is probably how you feel and this is the perfect mug for you! Oh wait, are we supposed to be shopping for other people right now? This mug is available in a few places, but we like this seller on Etsy best. This necklace from SoberCinky is handmade, made to order, and is meant to be personalized.

These Sobriety gifts are the perfect way to show your support for a loved one who is recovering from addiction. It is an ideal gift to give recognition of the number of years the gift receiver can be proud of. ThesePersonalized Custom Photo and Message Dog Tagsare stainless steel; this necklace is available in color, black and white, and black on silver. Customize with a personal photo, message, and sobriety date to celebrate dad’s recovery. This stunningPersonalized Link Braceletis easily customized. Additionally, engrave his clean-time date to remind him of his accomplishment.

  • This book earned the title of “one of the best cookbooks of the year” from big names like the LA Times and Bon Apetit.
  • Also, select the additional treatment options to get on the list to receive our future treatment eBooks when they are released.
  • Just remember to do the research to determine there are no triggers in these settings.
  • Also, the first one is completely customizable to include dad’s sobriety anniversary for the best keychain gift.